Login Shortcode



Accepted parameters:

  • form_id
    (string) Default: ‘loginform’
  • redirect
    Any valid URL. Overridden for users without administrator privileges through plugin settings.
    (string) Default: ‘wp-admin’
  • label_title
    (string) Default: ‘Log In’
  • label_title_heading
    (string) Default: ‘h1’
  • label_username
    (string) Default: ‘Username’
  • label_password
    (string) Default: ‘Password’
  • label_remember
    (string) Default: ‘Remember Me’
  • label_log_in
    (string) Default: ‘Log In’
  • label_log_in_failed
    (string) Default: ‘Log In failed’
  • log_out_link
    (string) Default: ‘yes’
    • yes
    • no
  • label_log_out
    (string) Default: ‘Log out’
  • logged_in_title_heading
    (string) Default: ‘h1’
  • label_logged_in_title
    (string) Default: ‘Welcome %s’
  • label_logged_in_text
    (string) Default: ‘You are logged in successfully. You can now access the members area. When you have completed your tasks, you can log out here.’
  • lost_password_link
    (string) Default: ‘yes’
    • yes
    • no
  • id_username
    (string) Default: ‘user_login’
  • id_password
    (string) Default: ‘user_pass’
  • id_remember
    (string) Default: ‘rememberme’
  • id_submit
    (string) Default: ‘wp-submit’
  • remember
    (string) Default: ‘yes’
    • yes
    • no
  • value_username
    (string) Default: ‘’
  • value_remember
    (string) Default: ‘yes’
    • yes
    • no

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