Simple to use but effective user access control plugin. You can restrict user access on page level. Any post type is supported.

After you have installed and activated the plugin you can do the following.

Enable Restricted Access

This plugin works on a page or post basis. After successfully activating the plugin, you can enable all required post types on the Settings page. For each post type, you can protect each page or post individually.

Open a post in Edit view and set access to Restricted and save the post. From now on, the site is only accessible to registered users. In the plugin settings, you can specify what happens when an unregistered user tries to access the page.

In the page or post list overview you can see which pages are protected.

Settings Page

Go to the settings page to enable the plugin for each post type you’d like to protect user access on page level.

Select the action to take when an unregistered user tries to access a restricted page. You can choose between different actions, for example you can view the 404 error page, view a custom message, or redirect the user to another page (the login page).

If you like, you can redirect the user after successful login and logout to a specific page.

Create the Login Page

To create a login page, go to the pages and create a new page. Put the following shortcode into the page.

After successfully creating the login page, you can return to the Settings page and use this page to redirect unregistered users.


Login: All Details & Configuration parameters

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