Configuration settings for multilingual support with WPML

1. Post Types Translation

Go to “WPML > Settings” and scroll down to the section “Post Types Translation”. Enable multilanguage support for Post Type “event” under “WPML > Settings > Post Types Translation”.

Choose your prefered option “Translatable – only show translated items” or “Translatable – use translation if available or fallback to default language” for the post type “event”.

WPML Setting >

2. Custom Fields Translation

Configure the associated custom fields in the “Custom Fields Translation” Section under “WPML > Settings > Custom Fields Translation”.

Enable the preferred option “Copy”, “Copy once”, or “Translate” of the custom fields associated with the event calendar plugin.

WPML Settings > Custom Fields Translation

3. Save previously created translations again

If you have previously created translations of events, please open the translations again and re-save the post to apply the “Custom Fields Translation” settings.

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