With this shortcode you can display the details of a single candidate on your WordPress website directly from your soprop account.

Accepted parameters:

  • id
    (string) Default: ’empty’
  • manum
    The soprop manum of the job post
    (int) Default: ’empty’
  • language
    The language for soprop results like job type
    (string) Default: ‘dt’
    • dt
    • fr
    • it
  • heading_title_tag
    (string) Default: ‘h1’
  • heading_title_text
    (string) Default: ‘Candidate number: %s’
  • items
    (string) Default: ‘use_as_combined,ma00,ma01,ma02,ma03,ma04,ma05,ma06,ma07,ma08,ma09,ma10,ma11,ma12,ma13,ma14,ma15,ma16,ma17,ma18,ma19,ma20’
    • any valid soprop database field name
  • show_consultant
    (string) Default: ‘yes’
    • yes
    • no
  • consultant_items
    (string) Default: ‘name_combined,fi00,fi03_fi04_fi05_combined,fi06,fi09’
  • form_title
    (string) Default: ‘Hire now’
  • form_title_tag
    (string) Default: ‘h1’
  • form_shortcode
    The shortcode of a contact form plugin like “formidable” or “contact form 7” (without brackets). Example: “formidable id=1”
    (string) Default: ”
  • detail_show_hire_button
    (string) Default: ‘yes’
    • yes
    • no
  • detail_hire_button_text
    (string) Default: ‘Hire now’

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