To use this plugin, you must be an active user of the Soprop Software Solution for recruiters. You also need a valid API key to connect to your Soprop account.

Plugin API configuration

After you have received your valid API key from Soprop customer service, you can add it to the plugin configuration. Go to “Settings”> “Bin Soprop” and add your valid Soprop ID and Web ID.

Use Shortcodes to show jobs and candidates

You can get the latest jobs or candidates by adding some powerful shortcodes to your website.

  • [jobs] Outputs a list of all available job posts with pagination
  • [jobs_list] Outputs the latest job posts as a ul list. Great for widgets
  • [job vanum=””] Outputs the details of a single job post

Create a new content page and insert the shortcode. For example, create a new page called “Jobs” and add the shortcode “[jobs]” to display a list of all available job posts with pagination support.

Edit Job and Candidate single detail page

To edit the single details page for jobs or candidates, you can copy the “job.php” file or the “candidate.php” into your theme directory. Include at least the following snippet in your “job.php” file in your themes directory to view the details for a single job post.

$vanum = sanitize_text_field($_REQUEST['vanum']);
echo do_shortcode('[job vanum='.$vanum.' form_shortcode=""]');

This example shows the snippet for the “candidate.php” file in your themes directory.

$manum = sanitize_text_field($_REQUEST['manum']);
echo do_shortcode('[candidate manum='.$manum.' form_shortcode=""]');

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