Are you planning to receive donations directly from your WordPress website? This plugin is exactly what you need. Easy to install and zero costs. All you need is a valid account.

Stripe is an online payment portal. The visitor can donate by credit card, will make the payment to your bank account. For this service, stripe earns a commission on every donation you receive. Here you can find the prices and fees of Stripe.

Create your personal Stripe Account to receive Payments

Ready to receive donations? Go and create your personal Stripe account.

If you’ve successfully created your Stripe account, go to Developer > API Key and get your publishable key and secret key. You will need them when you set up your first donation form.

Create your first Donation Form

After you have successfully created your Stripe account, visit your WordPress administration dashboard and install the Bin Stripe Donation plugin. Once you have installed the plugin, you can create your first donation form now.

First enter your valid publishable key and secret key from your Stripe account page and configure the rest of the form as needed. Please note the input descriptions.

Once you’re done, save the form and put the shortcode on any page you like. You will find the shortcode on the list of your forms.

Insert Shortcode

Open or create a post or page and enter the shortcode and you’re done.

[stripe_donation id=1]

That’s it. Wait and get the money for your project.


  1. pablo

    Thanks for your plugin. It is simple to install and it is easy to use. Its operation is good.

    But I have a question. How can I notify the customer by email that they have made a donation?

    Do you have any addons or extensions plugin that can do this?

    Thank you

    1. luzi-stadler Article Author

      Hello Pablo

      There is no such option at the moment. But we can add a filter hook to the payment process where you can use to process an email from functions.php. Do you have access to functions.php and may you think you can add a code-snippet there?


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